Dollar General to Boost Private Fleet to 2,000 Trucks by Year-End

Dollar General plans to expand its private fleet to over 2,000 tractors by the end of 2023, aiming to reduce transportation costs and enhance supply chain control.

Dollar General to Boost Private Fleet to 2,000 Trucks by Year-End

Dollar General sets its sights on enlarging its private fleet, aiming to zoom past 2,000 tractors by 2023's close.

Owning the Roads

  • With over 1,800 tractors under its banner, nearly half of Dollar General's outbound transport runs on its own wheels.
  • CEO Jeff Owen highlights a notable 5% jump just from last quarter.

Cost-Cutting Strategy

Dollar General seeks to streamline its transportation processes and cut costs through this expansion. Replacing third-party carriers with its own tractors saves the company approximately 20% in associated costs.

The retailer has been steadily growing its private fleet since its 2016 launch. During Q1, they operated more than 1,700 tractors, which is more than double from the year prior.

Financial Impact

  • Q2 shone with a 24.2% YoY operating profit spike, hitting $692.3 million.
  • Despite some immediate supply chain investments, Dollar General eyes a prosperous future through better supply chain management and automation.

An Automated Future

Beyond trucks, there is talk of automating the company's distribution centers. These initiatives highlight Dollar General's quest for streamlined operations and future growth.

Source: Supply Chain Dive

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