FedEx Prioritizes Existing Clients Amid UPS Strike Fears

Non-FedEx shippers may find it challenging to secure services if a strike occurs at UPS, warns a Shipware LLC consultant.

FedEx Prioritizes Existing Clients Amid UPS Strike Fears
Photo by Bannon Morrissy / Unsplash

In the event of a potential Teamsters strike at UPS Inc., shippers without existing relationships with FedEx Corp. may struggle to arrange shipments. FedEx plans to prioritize UPS accounts that also deal with FedEx. This is because FedEx already services these dual-account locations, says Adi Karamcheti, senior consultant at Shipware LLC. On-demand pickups may be affected, possibly leading to congestion at drop-off points. FedEx is also seeking three-year contracts with penalties for early termination. While negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters are set to resume, the current contract expires on July 31, threatening potential disruption to shipping services.

Source: FreightWaves

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