Fire Engulfs Cargo Ship Carrying EVs

Fire Engulfs Cargo Ship Carrying EVs
An overhead snapshot captures marine firefighting units battling a blaze onboard the Panamanian-flagged auto transporter, Freemantle Highway, located off the northern shores of the Dutch island, Ameland. FLYING FOCUS/ANP/AFP/GETTY

A cargo ship in the North Sea, carrying over 3,500 vehicles, including nearly 500 electric vehicles (EVs), has been ablaze for days, leading to the death of a crew member and uncertainty about the fate of the vessel. The Freemantle Highway was en route from Germany to Egypt when the fire started, the cause of which remains unclear although there are unconfirmed reports it originated in an EV battery. The crew was evacuated, some sustaining injuries, and efforts are ongoing to prevent the ship from sinking near an essential migratory bird habitat.

Source: CBS News

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