Flexport Expands Convoy Platform

Flexport expands its AI-powered Convoy Platform, offering brokers streamlined operations and significant cost reductions, but industry skepticism persists.

Flexport Expands Convoy Platform
Image Source: Flexport

Flexport has announced an expansion of the Convoy Platform, providing brokers with access to thousands of reliable carriers nationwide.

This AI-powered marketplace, which Flexport acquired from Convoy Inc. in November 2023, aims to simplify freight execution and lower operating costs for brokers and carriers.

Flexport Acquires Convoy’s Tech Stack
Freight giant Flexport seizes Convoy’s advanced tech for an undisclosed sum, aiming for a global one-stop-shop logistics game changer.

The Convoy Platform aggregates carrier owner-operators into a unified system, automating load management and reducing manual tasks like negotiation and payment.

The company says this enhancement can cut carrier procurement and management costs by up to 90%, while offering 24/7 operational flexibility and high tracking visibility.

Industry Impact

Bill Driegert, Flexport’s EVP and Head of Trucking, emphasizes the platform’s role in adapting to market changes post-pandemic.


  • Positive: "The Convoy Platform is leveling the playing field for all – the technology has transformed our operations and made us as digital as any other company in our industry," said Eric Schnirel, CEO of Great Lakes Transport.
  • Skeptical: Comments from the freight community express concerns about potential risks and competition:
    • "Interesting. Had a conversation about building this over a year ago with Flexport. 'Not interested, it will never work.'"
    • "Just so we’re all on the same page, you have a failed transportation provider (Flexport) that bought the DFM capabilities of a failed brokerage (Convoy), and are now telling other brokerages if they use their platform it will make them successful? Haha ok, sure."

Still, Flexport’s expansion of the Convoy Platform signifies a major technological advancement that helps further push the industry forward.

Sources: PR News Wire | FreightWaves

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