The Future of Security: Will Technology Replace Guards?

In an uncertain economy, transportation and logistics businesses reduce costs with Stealth Monitoring's live video monitoring, combining AI, machine learning, and human intelligence for proactive security solutions.

The Future of Security: Will Technology Replace Guards?

In today’s uncertain economy, transportation and logistics businesses increasingly seek ways to cut costs. One area they're focusing on is security, which is important but can be costly. With more homelessness, social tensions, and economic instability, there's a lot of pressure on physical security guards to do their job perfectly. 

Traditionally, businesses have used physical security guards to help visitors, handle intruders, and deter crime. However, hiring 2024-and training these guards can be expensive, and their quality can be inconsistent. There's also a risk of them behaving badly. That's why many companies are turning to technology instead, like having someone watch live video from security cameras

Proactive Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that combines AI, machine learning, and human intelligence. Cameras are strategically placed around the property and monitored in real-time by trained security professionals. If they see anything suspicious, they can quickly react and respond.

Unlike traditional security systems that simply record footage to be viewed after an incident has occurred, live video monitoring allows for a more proactive approach. The monitoring team can use loudspeakers to warn intruders, dispatch security guards, or call the police right away. This technology not only helps deter crime, but it also helps with emergency situations by giving professionals a better idea of what's going on and how to handle it.

The Hidden Costs of Security Guards

Security guards play a crucial role in maintaining property safety. However, they can get overwhelmed at times. They may not have received enough training and are sometimes hired by companies that don't know the specific rules of the places they're supposed to protect. This has led to several lawsuits and bad press, which only makes things worse by driving up insurance costs for everyone.

Still, security guards are important, especially for mid-market and enterprise businesses. So, the future of security might be a hybrid approach, where live video monitoring works together with physical guards. That way, there can be more effective and coordinated security measures.

Read the full article to uncover more insights and predictions about the future of security at transportation and logistics facilities.

Then stay tuned for more about the evolving relationship between transportation, logistics, and security, including how leading transportation companies are using live monitoring to enhance their security protocols.

To learn more about how live video monitoring can help safeguard transportation, distribution, and logistics facilities, contact Stealth Monitoring

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