Flexport Relaunches Convoy's Trucking Tech Platform

Flexport relaunches Convoy Platform, dispatching 200 truckloads on its first day.

Flexport Relaunches Convoy's Trucking Tech Platform
Flexport CEO on the company's relaunch of Convoy's trucking tech platform. Image Source: @typesfast/X

Flexport has revived Convoy's trucking tech, garnering positive reviews. On its first day, almost 200 truckloads were dispatched for some of the biggest customers that returned to the platform, Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen says.

Image Source: @typesfast/X
  • What's happened? Flexport's relaunch of Convoy's platform.
  • When? Launched on Feb 22, 2024, four months after Flexport purchased the tech stack from defunct Convoy.
  • Big Deal Because? The purchase of Convoy's tech and intellectual property makes Flexport a "one-stop-shop for global logistics" solutions. This enhances their value proposition to customers looking for comprehensive logistics services.

What's Next?

  • Teaser: Q2 2024's set for more goodies on the Convoy Platform.
  • Tech Galore: Expect top-notch fraud detection and performance scoring.

The Buzz:

  • CEO Ryan Petersen: "Today's launch of the Convoy Platform furthers Flexport's product vision to build a true one-stop-shop to ship any product, in any quantity, between any two places in the world."
  • EVP Bill Driegert: "It's long been Flexport's belief that no single company can provide a solution to every problem in global logistics, and we are committed to using technology to create a more collaborative, transparent, and reliable freight ecosystem for all."
  • Carrier Jeffery Swansey: "I'm excited to be able to use Convoy's technology again...it's the most driver-friendly and it's a huge relief to have the app back in today's market."
Rob Liss, VP of MAKA Logistics of Armstrong Transport Group, hints that the move might attract legal scrutiny or challenges, especially as Flexport turns Convoy's former competitors into its customers. Image Source: @yorobliss/X

Source: PR Newswire

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