Florida's Trucking Downturn

Florida comes in with the second-highest percent drop in broker permits.

Florida's Trucking Downturn
Image Source: The Trucker's Report

The trucking scene in Florida is hitting the brakes. Here's what the data shows for the Sunshine State.

  • Permit Plunge: Broker permits dropped by 10.6% in 2023.
  • Carrier Cutback: Motor carrier permits are down by 13.75% this year.

Florida comes in as the state with the second-highest percent drop in broker permits.

During the pandemic's peak, truckers and freight brokers thrived as online shopping soared. But as consumer spending shifts from goods to experiences, the industry is feeling the pinch.

Ripple Effects

  • Training Tumble: Enrollment in truck driving schools like Sage is dipping.
  • Company Closures: Small trucking businesses are especially vulnerable, with many shutting down.

The industry is 'normalizing' after a pandemic boom, grappling with lower freight rates and higher fuel costs. The Florida downturn mirrors a 78% drop in the national freight market, hinting at economic recalibration.

Source: TCPalm

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