Fraud Alert: GrassHopper Trans Identity Scam Targets Brokers

Beware of scammers impersonating GrassHopper Trans representatives. Confirm suspicious emails and details by directly contacting the company.

Fraud Alert: GrassHopper Trans Identity Scam Targets Brokers

Brokers beware. Deceptive individuals are masquerading as representatives of GrassHopper Trans by impersonating employees. Leveraging counterfeit Gmail accounts and using stolen imagery, these scammers aim to con brokers with an identity theft approach.

Our source (blacked out) was contacted by a scammer pretending to be an April Benett from GrassHopper.

What To Watch Out For:

  • Email Anomalies: Gmail accounts can be created freely. Consider it a red flag if you're contacted from a generic Gmail address rather than a corporate one. While it's not a 100% sign of a scammer, it should be setting off alarm bells.
  • Mismatched Details: Cross-verify the names, images, and other details shared via email with those on the official GrassHopper Trans website.
  • Direct Verification: When in doubt, always procure the company's official phone number from a trusted source (like their official website) and directly verify any communication you've received.

Protecting your business starts with questioning anomalies and verifying facts.

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