FreightCaviar Podcast: Prashant Shah: Running Logistics at SwagUp

Explore logistics insights with Prashant Shah, SwagUp's CSCO.

FreightCaviar Podcast: Prashant Shah: Running Logistics at SwagUp

In this FreightCaviar Podcast episode, we discuss everything logistics with Prashant Shah, Chief Supply Chain Officer at SwagUp. 

Starting his journey in the military as a linguist and supply officer, Shah brings unique insights into the complex world of supply chain management. At SwagUp, he navigates the challenges of a bootstrap business, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and effective leadership. 

From the intricacies of managing a dynamic team to the nuances of B2B e-commerce and logistics, Shah shares his experience in driving efficiency and excellence in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Interested in how military discipline shapes business sense? Tune in to hear Prashant Shah's story.

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