FreightCaviar Podcast: Reed Loustalot, Founder of LOSTFR8

Reed Loustalot discusses his path to founding LOSTFR8, detailing the challenges he faced, the strategies he employed, and the crucial insights gained from his entrepreneurship in the freight sector.

FreightCaviar Podcast: Reed Loustalot, Founder of LOSTFR8

The FreightCaviar Podcast recently sat down with Reed Loustalot, a close friend of the show and the Founder of LOSTFR8. Reed talked about the challenges and triumphs in building a freight platform, the impact of team collaboration, and his innovative strategies for carrier visibility.

He also shared his insights from humorous crypto ventures to the serious business of freight, emphasizing community building and disciplined product development.

This is an episode of entrepreneurship, creativity, and the future of freight tech that you don't want to miss.

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