FreightCaviar Podcast: TIA 2024 Conference Recap

The TIA 2024 Conference has ended, and we're recapping some of our favorite moments, ideas, and trends from the freight tech and brokerage industries.

FreightCaviar Podcast: TIA 2024 Conference Recap

In the latest podcast episode, the FreightCaviar team sat down by the pool to give our take on the TIA 2024 Capital Ideas Conference. For those immersed in the freight tech and brokerage sectors, this conference is a must-attend. Here's what we noticed.

  • New Products and Offerings at Media Day
    • The kick-off event was Media Day, where 28 companies showcased their ideas, including ShipperCRM! We shared our excitement about ShipperCRM's partnership with Triumph Financial and the CEO of AscendTMS, Tim Higham.
AscendTMS CEO and Triumph Financial Invest in ShipperCRM
ShipperCRM contains one of the world’s largest shipper-specific databases, allowing its users to request verified shipper contacts, obtain verified email addresses, and find verified phone numbers for the right decision-makers at any shipper in North America.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    "Honestly, phenomenal. The place here, this JW Marriott Hotel, I mean, the way they organized it, everything was beautiful. Everyone was happy, laid back." The casual atmosphere allowed everyone to make connections with ease.
  • Market Prospects:
    "Even if you don't land a customer because you're brand new, you're trying to explore an idea or whatever, you can come here and actually test out that idea by just simply talking to all these people."

Others are already rolling out the social media posts detailing what they got from the conference. The CEO of AVRL sharedfrom his reflections on LinkedIn:

Missed the chance to attend? You don't want to miss out on value the conference can deliver:

Educational Goldmine

  • The sessions and workshops at TIA offer a comprehensive look into the latest trends and technologies, making it a prime spot for professionals to sharpen their skills.

Network Building

  • The structured networking sessions are crafted to foster meaningful connections, potentially sparking future partnerships and collaboration.

Prospecting Hub

  • Exhibitors have the unique chance to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and attract attention from key industry figures.

Expectations for next year’s conference are already high.

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