FreightCaviar Poll: As a Broker, What Kind of Fraud Worries You the Most?

In the FreightCaviar LinkedIn poll sponsored by OTR Solutions, brokers voiced their top fraud concerns, revealing 'Double Brokering' as the leading issue with 50% of votes.

FreightCaviar Poll: As a Broker, What Kind of Fraud Worries You the Most?

This FreightCaviar Poll is Sponsored By OTR Solutions.

In our latest FreightCaviar poll conducted on LinkedIn, brokers were asked about their primary fraud concern. The results revealed that 'Double Brokering' is the predominant worry, accounting for approximately 50% of the votes. 'Theft' followed closely at 41%, with 'Hijacking the Load' at 7%. An additional 2% of respondents indicated other concerns, with a prompt to add comments for specifics.

From the comments, various insights were shared, including Graeme Alderman noting the misuse of good MCs for fraudulent activities, and Cory Justice highlighting a sophisticated form of double brokering involving clean MCs and the intention of not paying the bill. Dewayne Smith and lucio Gilbert shared experiences with suspicious brokers and attempts at smuggling across borders, reflecting the multifaceted nature of fraud concerns in the brokerage industry.

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