The Top 10 Worst-Rated Shippers

The Top 10 Worst-Rated Shippers
Source: FreightCaviar Instagram Poll

In a recent poll conducted among our Instagram followers, we asked which shippers were their least favorite companies to pick up from or deliver to. With a turnout of 102 votes, Walmart led the pack as the least favored with 20 votes, followed closely by Amazon at 18 votes. Americold wasn't far behind with 10 votes, with the likes of Rivian, Costco, and others trailing in varying degrees.

  1. Walmart: 20 votes
  2. Amazon: 18 votes
  3. Americold: 10 votes
  4. Rivian: 8 votes
  5. Costco: 7 votes
  6. Kroger: 6 votes
  7. Target: 6 votes
  8. UNFI: 5 votes
  9. Dollar General: 5 votes
  10. McLane: 5 votes

Notable Mentions: Lineage: 3 votes, Food Lion: 3 votes, Tyson: 2 votes, GPI: 2 votes, & Nestle: 2 votes

What are your thoughts on these results? Do you find them accurate based on your experiences?

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