FreightCaviar Talks: Nate Johnson, Founder & CEO of GLCS, Inc.

We had the opportunity to interview Nate Johnson, Founder and CEO at GLCS, Inc. Nate takes us through his switch from law enforcement to freight, shares his top tips for young business owners, and talks about what makes the ideal consulting company.

FreightCaviar Talks: Nate Johnson, Founder & CEO of GLCS, Inc.

Today, we sat down with Nate Johnson, Founder and CEO of Global Logistics Consulting Services(GLCS), Inc. , a transportation and logistics technology consulting firm. He brought us behind the scenes of the consulting side of the industry and shared his top tips for young business owners, as well as his thoughts about the future of GLCS.

We started our conversation by discussing Nate's start in the industry. Initially planning to work in law enforcement, Nate enrolled in college but realized he did not see himself as a police officer. What he wanted was to see the world, so he decided to become a truck driver, starting his career at Gainey Transportation Services. What drew him into the industry in the first place was his love for it and the concept of logistics and moving things in particular ways.

He recalled his first-ever trip, "I was trialed by fire right away." Looking back, he would never send a 21-year-old who just got his license from Michigan to New York on his very first single dispatch.

At 28, Nate found himself the owner of a trucking company right in the middle of an economic crisis. He recalls, "I didn’t have the toolset myself to be able to manage through that." Despite the struggle, and in his own words, "earning his doctorate in freight," he learned a lot about remaining patient and sane in times of crisis.

He also touched on the topic of getting started in consulting. He says it has a lot to do with trust and developing that sense, "It’s largely about what you need and how you are going to apply that need accordingly."

Nate also shared some great tips for new consultants: "Customers are receptive to working with someone who will help their problem, answer their questions, and provide results. If you don’t provide results, they won’t come back."

"Integrity and honesty, above all things, get you very far" is Nate’s motto. He constantly gets told he’s "too nice and too positive," but that doesn’t deter him from sharing the knowledge he has accumulated over three decades. He continues to share his insights with others within the industry.

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