Goldman's 2024 Outlook: Brighter Economy Ahead

2024's economic forecast shines with GDP growth surpassing expectations, inflation cooling down, and low recession risk. Here's a simple breakdown.

Goldman's 2024 Outlook: Brighter Economy Ahead

Goldman Sachs stands out with a positive 2024 economic forecast, showcasing lower recession odds and a stronger economy. Here's what they're saying:

  • The global economy outdid itself in 2023, beating expectations.
  • GDP growth is set to outpace last year's forecasts by 1 percentage point globally and 2 percentage points in the US.
  • Inflation is cooling off from a fiery 6% in 2022 to a milder 3%, thanks to post-COVID recovery scenarios.
Goldman Sachs' 2023 forecasts reveal stronger than expected global and US GDP growth, outpacing consensus predictions. Graphic Source: Goldman Sachs Global Economics Analyst

Tailwinds Ahead:
There's a bunch of good news on the horizon, according to Goldman Sachs:

  • Real household income growth is strong.
  • Monetary policy is easing off the brakes.
  • Manufacturing is on the upswing.
  • Central banks are ready to step in if growth wanes.

Skepticism Addressed:
Doubting Goldman Sachs? Here's a throwback: In November 2022, they called the US recession odds at less than 35% against a 65% consensus. And guess what? They were spot on.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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