Hamburg Süd Fined $9.8M for Retaliation Against US Shipper

The FMC orders Hamburg Süd to pay OJ Commerce $9.8 million for refusing cargo space, breaching US Shipping Act's anti-retaliation provision.

Hamburg Süd Fined $9.8M for Retaliation Against US Shipper
Photo by Enguerrand Blanchy / Unsplash

The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has ordered Maersk-owned operator Hamburg Süd to pay US furniture shipper OJ Commerce (OJC) $9.8 million after it denied contracted cargo space to the company. The FMC ruled that Hamburg Süd violated provision 41104(a)(10) of the US Shipping Act, which prohibits carriers from refusing cargo space in retaliation against a shipper for filing a complaint. Evidence showed that Hamburg Süd knowingly denied space for OJC's containers as a retaliatory move for potential litigation.

Source: The Load Star

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