Kentucky Faces Surge in Strategic Thefts: Overhaul Issues Urgent Warning

Discover how strategic cargo thefts are on the rise in Kentucky, affecting trucking companies and shippers.

Kentucky Faces Surge in Strategic Thefts: Overhaul Issues Urgent Warning

In recent weeks, Kentucky has become a hotspot for an unexpected and alarming crime wave – strategic cargo thefts. Here's what you need to know:

Rising Crime Wave

  • Kentucky State Police report a significant spike in strategic thefts, with 12 active cases since August 1.
  • Criminals are using a double-brokering scheme involving at least two crews.
  • Legitimate trucking companies unknowingly become part of the theft operation.

How It Works

  • Criminals hire legitimate carriers for cargo transportation.
  • Carriers pick up shipments at the origin or from another short-haul driver.
  • They're then given new delivery locations, often far away.
  • Multiple shipments have been redirected to California and Chicago.
  • Legitimate carriers are never paid for redirected loads.

Primary Targets

  • Liquor is a prime target, alongside energy drinks.
  • Expect other high-value products to be targeted soon.
  • Louisville is a hub for consumer electronics, making them vulnerable.

Copper Heist

A single shipper suffered six thefts valued near $2 million. Kentucky State Police, with a network of law enforcement contacts, facilitated recoveries beyond state lines.

Protect Your Cargo

  • Vetting brokers and carriers thoroughly is crucial.
  • Document all drivers, tractors, and trailers with detailed pictures.
  • Include identifying markings on the equipment and driver credentials.
  • Utilize contextual intelligence, remote compliance monitoring, and real-time visibility.
  • Establish an escalation process for immediate law enforcement engagement.

Don't let your cargo be the next target. Stay vigilant and protect your shipments from this growing threat.

Source: Overhaul

About Overhaul's Intelligence and Response Team: Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team provides real-time shipment information to law enforcement officers via Overhaul LE Connect. This technology streamlines communication and ensures critical information reaches those who need it most.

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