Family Dollar Fined $41.6 Million for Rodent Infestation in Warehouse

Family Dollar faces a record $41M fine for a mouse-infested warehouse.

Family Dollar Fined $41.6 Million for Rodent Infestation in Warehouse
What happens if you give a mouse a Pringle? Image Source: WREG News/YouTube

Family Dollar and the tale of rodents run amok, leading to a hefty $41.6 million fine, the largest of its kind for unsanitary conditions.

The warehouse in Arkansas was a horrific scene, with over 1,270 dead mice found post-fumigation.

  • The Fine Print: Family Dollar pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor for keeping goods in unclean conditions, resulting in a record $41M fine.
  • Continued Chaos: Despite knowing about the infestation since August 2020, the company continued shipping products until January 2022.
  • Massive Recall: It wasn't until February 2022 that all affected food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices were recalled.
  • Looking Ahead: Family Dollar vows to transform its business, enhance safety protocols, and plans a $100M investment to revamp the notorious warehouse, promising 300 new jobs.
Image Source: @nypost/X

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