New Video: Charges Filed for Sysco Semi Bridge Crash

Update on the Sysco semi-truck crash in Louisville: charges filed against reckless pickup truck driver.

New Video: Charges Filed for Sysco Semi Bridge Crash

Remember the images of a Sysco semi-truck dangling precariously from Louisville's Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River on March 1st?

Driver Rescued From Sysco Semi Dangling Over River
A Sysco semi-truck hung precariously from a Louisville bridge over the Ohio River on Friday, prompting a daring rescue.

The driver, Sydney Thomas, was rescued in a nerve-wracking operation by firefighter Bryce Carden, who described it as a "once-in-a-career" event.

New information has been revealed following an investigation into the event.

The incident began when a Chevrolet truck, driven by 33-year-old Trevor W. Branham, swerved to avoid a stalled car and struck Thomas's semi, sending it over the edge. Recently released dashcam footage captures Branham's reckless driving. He has been charged with four counts of wanton endangerment and one count of operating on a suspended license. Branham, now in a wheelchair due to the crash, pleaded not guilty.

Dashcam Insights

Released footage reveals Branham's Chevrolet swerving into Thomas’s semi after avoiding a stalled vehicle. This clip shows the semi hanging over the river, making the incident even more harrowing.

Branham faces serious charges and has pleaded not guilty. His reckless driving, caught on camera, shows a clear sequence leading to the crash.

Sources: Collin Rugg/X | WhiskeyRiff

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