Sales 101: Greatest Customer Sales Tips For Freight Brokers

Sales 101: Greatest Customer Sales Tips For Freight Brokers

Written by Adriana Pulley

We’re combing through past podcast episodes to bring you a series of our all-time favorite pieces of sales advice for those breaking into the freight broker business. Today we flashback to episode 35, where we spoke with former broker and shipper, Jake McPaul, Head of Refrigerated Operations at W/:RP, to give us some insight from the shipper side of things.

To Spam or Not to Spam?

There are a ton of different brokers out there sending out tons of emails and Inmails a day. McPaul says it can easily become just an annoyance. He doesn’t really reply to those emails because personal relationships will always win out for him. He’s the type to follow a reliable broker from company to company.

Be a Problem-Solver

Well, what can help separate you from the onslaught of daily messages is a mind for solutions. That takes preparation. McPaul tells the story of starting his former position as a Director of Logistics for a new startup. Surprisingly, when he arrived, they already had an organized set-up. The seamless logistics operation came from the help of a broker who anticipated their needs right away, answering, “What do we need to ship this produce or that one?” “How can we build a load?” “Which of our commodities can we ship together?” Questions they didn’t even know to ask.

“There are actually a ton of people out there who don’t know what they’re doing with freight,” McPaul adds. So, this is where the broker comes in to be their problem-solver and provide top-tier service.

Watch the full interview below:

Interview with Jack McPaul from the FreightCaviar Youtube Channel

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