Schneider Advertises Real Jobs in American Truck Simulator

Schneider National aims to attract new drivers, utilizing in-game billboards in American Truck Simulator for recruitment.

Schneider Advertises Real Jobs in American Truck Simulator
Photo Credits: SCS Software

In an innovative attempt to recruit new drivers, Schneider National, one of the world's largest transportation companies, has turned to advertising in the popular video game American Truck Simulator.

As reported by PCGamesN, Gizmodo, and PCGamer, the company has set up virtual billboards in the game pointing to their careers page, aiming to attract gamers who may be interested in pursuing a real-life trucking career. This campaign is considered a trial phase by SCS Software, the game developer, which believes it could be beneficial for both the game and the automotive industry. Initial player reactions are largely positive, viewing the ads as adding to the immersion and realism of the simulator.

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