Six States Reviewing Self-Driving Truck Restrictions

From California to New York, six states review laws on autonomous trucks, focusing on safety and job security. Here's a quick rundown.

Six States Reviewing Self-Driving Truck Restrictions
Image Source: Aurora Innovation

As the debate over autonomous trucks continues, enthusiasts champion the tech for its potential to boost efficiency and cut costs, while skeptics voice concerns over safety and job losses. It's a classic face-off between innovation and tradition, and right now, six states are considering legislation on autonomous trucking.

State-by-State Autonomous Truck Update

  • California: Efforts continue to require human operators in autonomous trucks over 10,001 pounds. Gov. Newsom vetoed a similar bill last year, but Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry is back with AB2286.
  • Florida: Sen. Torres proposes SB1580, demanding a human driver in autonomous trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds.
  • Indiana: With HB1022 and SB57, Indiana looks to mandate human operators in autonomous trucks, echoing safety and employment concerns.
  • Iowa: SF2218, introduced by Sen. Wahls, insists on a human driver for commercial autonomous vehicles.
  • Kentucky: After a veto last year, HB7 advances in the House, tweaking truck platooning laws to possibly allow driverless following vehicles.
  • New York: Bills S7758 and A8621 aim to require human operators in trucks with autonomous tech, safeguarding jobs and safety.

Each state is navigating the balance between innovation and safety, with a clear lean towards ensuring human oversight in the mix.

Source: Land Line Now

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