Freight Revolution: The Unveiling Of SuperTruck II

Freight Revolution: The Unveiling Of SuperTruck II

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) has caused a stir in the freight tech world with its latest innovation – the Freightliner SuperTruck II. The company unveiled the vehicle at the Manifest Conference in Las Vegas last week. This high-efficiency tractor-trailer combination concept focuses on reduced emissions and practical application. Developed as part of the SuperTruck program co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the SuperTruck II showcases the future potential of road freight transport.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the key areas of focus that make the SuperTruck II stand out from its predecessor and the competition.

Improved Aerodynamics

One of the primary goals of the SuperTruck II project was improving aerodynamics. The company writes, “We have our own wind tunnel and spent hundreds and hundreds of hours testing new shapes, sizes, and surfaces to build our most aerodynamic truck ever.” The truck boasts a 12% reduction in tractor aerodynamic drag over the SuperTruck I.

Automatic side extenders and a roof spoiler close the gap between the tractor and trailer at highway speeds. Also, the dynamic ride height decreases drag by automatically lowering the truck. Since this feature requires no effort from the driver, it’s a convenient and effective solution for reducing drag and improving aerodynamics.

Lower Tire Rolling Resistance

The SuperTruck II also features significantly lower tire rolling resistance, thanks to a partnership with Michelin. This collaboration resulted in new tire compounds, treads, and technologies that reduced rolling resistance by 12%.

It’s noted that integrated adaptive tandem axles automatically shift from 6×4 to 6×2 at highway speeds.

Finally, the dynamic load shifting feature also engages at highway speeds, allowing the tag axle with less rolling resistance to do most of the driving, extending the life of the tires.

Maximizing Powertrain Efficiencies

The SuperTruck II has a more efficient 13-liter engine with twin turbo and interstage cooling. So the truck gets more efficient air compression.

An EcoSail feature allows the engine to shut off automatically on downhills. Additionally, the 13-speed overdrive transmission provides higher fuel savings with lower down-speeding.

Power and Safety

The SuperTruck II features a new electrical system that can fully run the hoteling feature without the engine running, using the 48-volt electrical system. The 48-volt power steering system also uses much less power, adjusting demand only as needed, from low to highway speeds.

The mirrorless cameras are aerodynamic and out of the driver’s line of sight. The cameras perform well in low light, improving driver visibility and safety.

Daimler’s SuperTruck II is designed to deliver the best performance, power, and safety for the freight transportation industry. With its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, the SuperTruck II is a must-watch for any freight tech enthusiast.

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