TFI International Buys Dahlsten Truck Line

TFI International acquires Dahlsten Truck Line, expanding its Midwest operations with a seasoned carrier's fleet and load capacity.

TFI International Buys Dahlsten Truck Line
Image Source: Trucking Dive

TFI International has expanded its Specialized Truckload segment by acquiring Dahlsten Truck Line, a Nebraska-based regional carrier with operations in the Midwest. Dahlsten, in operation since 1946, boasts a fleet of around 75 trucks and a significant load capacity of over 27,000 loads annually. This move comes in a year that TFI International, a Canadian logistics giant, considers slow for mergers and acquisitions, having spent approximately $100 million in this area. Despite this year's challenging freight market, TFI is gearing up for potentially larger acquisitions in 2024, with a 65-75% chance of executing a significant deal, as hinted by their CEO Alain Bédard.

Source: Trucking Dive

Source: Cathy Roberson

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