The FreightCaviar Podcast: Interview with Chad Eichelberger

Chad Eichelberger, Reliance Partners President, discusses trucking industry trends, insurance, and the impact of technology.

The FreightCaviar Podcast: Interview with Chad Eichelberger
Chad Eichelberger, President of Reliance Partners

In the latest episode of The FreightCaviar Podcast, we had a great conversation with Chad Eichelberger, the President of Reliance Partners, delving into his journey in the trucking and logistics industry and discussing the current state of the industry.

Starting his career with Access America Transport in 2005, Chad outlined the company's growth trajectory and eventual acquisition by Coyote in 2014, setting a precedent for other successful ventures in Chattanooga. These strides have notably uplifted the city's freight brokerage and trucking reputation, fueling its economy and drawing talent into the sector.

Eichelberger discussed the tough times currently faced by trucking companies due to increased operating and insurance costs, particularly hitting small fleets and new entrants hard. He gave us an inside view of the insurance landscape, drawing attention to the common misconception held by many trucking companies that switching insurers would alleviate their struggles.

Chad emphasized that safety measures, driver behavior, and even location greatly influence insurance rates. He provided insights into why states like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and New York see elevated insurance rates, while others like Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin offer more favorable conditions.

Lastly, Chad shared about Reliance Partners' growth, its investment in technology, and the vision for the future. His emphasis on continuous learning, relationship-building, and listening highlighted his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For a deeper understanding of these insights click below to watch our interview on YouTube or listen to it on Spotify.

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