The Importance of Finding Reliable Freight Carriers in 2024

Here's why choosing a reliable freight carrier like IG Transportation is key in 2024. For drivers and brokers alike, IG delivers consistent service, confidently manages unexpected market shifts, and maintains high operational standards.

The Importance of Finding Reliable Freight Carriers in 2024

In today's shaky freight market, finding a solid partner is more important than ever. The trucking industry is facing challenges due to market fluctuations, coupled with business bankruptcies and closures. Building strong relationships has become increasingly crucial in avoiding uncertainties within the sector.

As infrastructure falters, severe weather increases and policies change, the unexpected has become the norm. To avoid disruption, it is essential to build strong relationships with reliable, trusted, and experienced carriers. 

Hitting Home

The trucking industry faces significant challenges from severe weather events like the recent Midwest tornadoes and winter storms that wreaked havoc on freight operations earlier this year. Situations like these show why it’s key to have a domestic logistics partner who can handle these challenges smoothly.

This is where IG Transportation shines as a dependable ally. They have the experience and resources to navigate through these challenges, ensuring minimal disruptions to supply chains.

The Current U.S. Truckload Market

Right now, the truckload market is still feeling the recession vibes despite a somewhat recovering economy. Early 2024 shows some promising signs, with slight improvements in imports from Mexico and Canada. This could mean a comeback for truckload freight flows as the year rolls on. It’s a hint that demand for domestic freight services might be picking up, making a dependable partner like IG Transportation more valuable than ever.

Leveraging Strategic Insights for Forward Planning

With the produce season underway and the 100 days of summer quickly approaching, the industry is cautiously optimistic about improved freight volumes. 

Armed with over 280 trucks and 300 trailers, IG Transportation is ready to tackle these high-demand periods. This capability not only assures reliability and efficiency but also cements the company’s role as a vital player in the sector. 

In 2024, the company plans to continue their growth trajectory by adding 100 new Conestoga trailers, 50 new dry van trailers, and brand-new 2025 trucks equipped with the latest technology and comforts.

IG Transportation: Excellence and Dependability

Choosing the right carrier means looking beyond just capabilities—you want to know they can handle the pressure.

Successful collaborations with big names like Tesla and Walmart show that IG can meet high standards and manage significant logistics challenges. These collaborations aren't just about business; they're about trust and capability.

Happy Drivers, Dependable Transport

At the heart of IG Transportation’s success are its drivers. The company knows that happy drivers mean high-quality service. Thanks to competitive pay, great benefits, and a supportive work environment, IG boasts high driver retention rates. This consistency is key in delivering reliable service, especially when navigating the complex freight market.

  • Training and Support: Drivers receive Conestoga training to master cargo securement, ensuring they're skilled in all aspects of their job. The team is available 24/7, ready to assist drivers in every situation, highlighting a commitment to comprehensive support.
  • Pet-Friendly Policies: Understanding that pets are part of the family, IG Transportation is pet-friendly, allowing drivers to take their furry friends on the road.
  • Driver Comfort and Benefits: Recognizing the importance of driver comfort, IG Transportation equips its fleet with the newest amenities, including trucks with fridges, microwaves, Active Brake Assist, and Keyless Entry. They also offer both 1099 and W2 options, with top market pay, showcasing their flexibility and commitment to driver welfare.

IG Transport Delivers Superior Service

  • Operational Excellence: With a large fleet, two repair shops, and truck parking, IG Transportation ensures that they can meet client demands efficiently. Their professional dispatch service books loads at rates higher than the DAT average, indicating their capability to optimize costs effectively.
  • Dedicated Lanes and Advanced Equipment: The company is focused on developing more dedicated lanes to streamline logistics and improve service reliability. Clients benefit from the newest equipment on the market, enhancing the delivery experience.

Something else to note is the company’s high reviews on Google. With a 4.8 star rating, here’s what people are buzzing about: 

  • Reliable and Efficient: Clients regularly praise the company for its dependability and the smooth operation of their deliveries. They appreciate how IG Transportation handles unforeseen challenges with ease, making every load stress-free.
  • Exceptional Communication: Communication is key in logistics, and IG Transportation is commended for keeping everyone in the loop. Updates are prompt and precise, ensuring all parties are informed every step of the way.
  • Professional and Friendly Staff: The team at IG Transportation is frequently highlighted for their professionalism and friendly demeanor. This positive attitude extends across the board, from dispatchers to drivers, making every interaction a pleasant one.
  • Driver Satisfaction: It’s not just about the cargo; it’s about the people. Drivers at IG Transportation enjoy competitive pay and benefits, and they feel valued and heard. This leads to high retention rates, which translates into consistent and reliable service for clients.
  • Operational Excellence: With a fleet that’s always ready and a team adept at handling logistics challenges, IG Transportation earns high marks for its operational standards. From maintaining safety to meeting tight deadlines, they’re recognized for their top-notch service delivery.

Recruitment and Expansion in 2024

Looking to the future, IG Transportation is actively recruiting new drivers to join their expanding team. They're offering a $3,000 sign-up bonus to attract skilled drivers with a CDL-A, along with a referral bonus program that rewards existing staff for bringing new drivers onboard.

With continuous investments in equipment and facilities, coupled with a strong focus on maintaining a supportive work environment, IG Transportation is poised to remain a leader in the logistics field, ready to rise to meet any challenge. Whether you're a client needing dependable freight solutions or a driver looking to advance your career, IG Transportation is equipped to meet your needs.

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