TIA Welcomes Curtis Garrett as New LTL Education Course Instructor

TIA Welcomes Curtis Garrett as New LTL Education Course Instructor

[Alexandria, VA, December 20, 2023] — The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is excited to welcome Curtis Garrett, founder of Understand LTL, as the primary instructor for TIA’s Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) education course. With nearly two decades of experience in the freight industry, Curtis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to TIA’s educational courses and initiatives.

"TIA’s Institute for Research & Education embraces a mission to advance the careers of TIA members, to help make them truly the best in the 3PL industry. That is why we are so delighted to add such a renowned LTL expert like Curtis Garrett to teach our LTL course," said Anne Reinke, TIA President and CEO. "Having expert instructors provide superior education helps our members succeed and grow their businesses.”

TIA’s LTL course teaches members how to define LTL, describe the types of LTL carriers, classify types of commodities and prohibited articles, recognize basic loss and damage claims, and recognize when it’s time to expand their services. Understand LTL offers a wide range of engaging courses, resources, and content for the LTL community, which Curtis will integrate with TIA’s LTL education course.

“As one of the most critical organizations in the US freight brokerage world, the Transportation Intermediaries Association has been key in driving community, education, and network across the industry for a long time. With LTL on the rise as an essential service that many 3PL's look to provide to their customers, I am honored to have Understand LTL (ULTL) partnered with TIA in advancing their LTL education, training, and capabilities,” said Garrett. “I am looking forward to a long partnership between ULTL and TIA that ultimately ends up with the freight market becoming better equipped at navigating the LTL mode."

The 2024 Q1 LTL educational course kicks off with its first module on January 8. Learn more about each module, view the full schedule and register here.

“We are excited to welcome Curtis Garrett as the TIA LTL Instructor. Curtis has the personal experience and hands-on knowledge of the LTL world,” said Cori Eckley, TIA Foundation Board Chair. “His expertise will further our growth and education material in the area of LTL.”

Visit our website to learn more about all of TIA’s educational courses and offerings.

About TIA:
The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization of the $232 billion third-party logistics industry. TIA is the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the voice of transportation intermediaries to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations. Learn more about TIA at www.tianet.org.


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