Top 10 Worst Traffic Spots Stalling U.S. Freight

See the top 10 U.S. traffic spots that hit freight hard with stats on diesel, hours lost, and costs. Plus, the air quality impact.

Top 10 Worst Traffic Spots Stalling U.S. Freight
Image Source: Truck Parking Club

Here's a rundown of where traffic’s throttling freight—and what it’s costing us.

Top 10 Worst Congestion Corridors

  • Fort Lee, New Jersey (I-95 at SR 4): Peak 19.9 mph / Nonpeak 30.2 mph
  • Houston, Texas (I-45 at I-69/US 59): Peak 20.9 mph / Nonpeak 34.6 mph
  • Chicago, Illinois (I-55): Peak 25.2 mph / Nonpeak 40.6 mph
  • Houston, Texas (I-10 at I-45): Peak 26.3 mph / Nonpeak 43.7 mph
  • Atlanta, Georgia (I-285 at I-85 North): Peak 26.8 mph / Nonpeak 41 mph
  • Nashville, Tennessee (I-24/I-40 at I-440 East): Peak 28.3 mph / Nonpeak 45.5 mph
  • Atlanta, Georgia (I-285 at SR 400): Peak 30.2 mph / Nonpeak 40.5 mph
  • Los Angeles, California (SR 60 at SR 57): Peak 35.2 mph / Nonpeak 45.1 mph
  • Chicago, Illinois (I-294 at I-290/I-88): Peak 35.4 mph / Nonpeak 46 mph
  • Atlanta, Georgia (I-20 at I-285 West): Peak 36.4 mph / Nonpeak 44.3 mph

Peak vs. Nonpeak
Truckers face a slog in peak hours, with speeds dipping as low as 19.9 mph in Fort Lee. Yet, even nonpeak times aren't much better, averaging 30.2 mph there.

Costly Gridlock

  • Diesel Wastage: Truck idling burns up money along with fuel.
  • Hours Lost: With speeds hitting lows of 19.9 mph, time ticks away.
  • Economic Hit: Every minute trucks crawl, dollars are drained from businesses and consumers alike.

According to data from the American Transportation Research Institute, "traffic congestion on U.S. highways added $94.6 billion in costs to the trucking industry in 2021."

Looking Ahead
With growing urban populations and expanding e-commerce, we might see these jams get even stickier. More investment in infrastructure is a possible fix, yet the actual course remains uncertain.

Source: Truck Parking Club/MSN

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