Top 5 Countries by Traffic Share for DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Loadboard

Curious about which countries drive the most traffic to US load boards? Here are the top 5 countries with the highest inbound traffic to DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Loadboard.

Top 5 Countries by Traffic Share for DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Loadboard

If you're curious about which countries have the highest traffic share to the most popular US load boards, we have some insights for you. Naturally, the United States tops the list, but the other four countries include three from Eastern Europe and one from South Asia.

Our X friend Keao (@freight_Dogs) tweeted some data he gathered.

Surprisingly, Macedonia ranks second in traffic share, right after the US. Keao wrote, "Macedonia represents 2% of visitors to the websites of Motive, Samsara, and Verizon Connect." Motive and Samsara are popular Electronic Logging Device (ELD) providers widely used by many trucking companies for fleet management and compliance with hours-of-service regulations in the transportation industry.

Not bad for a country with a population of 2 million!

We had the opportunity to visit Macedonia back in May 2022 and spent some time with Boris Panov of Superior Dispatch Service. He shared with us how outsourced logistics jobs have brought significant growth to the country. Some notable US trucking companies that have operations outsourced to this Balkan nation include D-B Cartage, HMD Trucking, Tag Trans, and LIV Enterprises.

Moldova comes in at the number three spot. This Eastern European nation is the second poorest in Europe, with an estimated GDP per capita of $7,488. Despite its economic challenges, Moldova hosts many outsourced trucking company operations and freight brokerages. One notable example is APL Cargo of Indiana, which recently filed for bankruptcy. Others include IG Transportation of Addison, IL.

Lithuania holds the number four spot. I have had the opportunity to visit the country twice to explore some carrier operations. On my first trip in 2019, I visited Vilnius and Kaunas. Most recently, last year, I spent a day with my friend Deividas in Kaunas. Lithuania hosts many Chicago-based trucking companies with outsourced offices in the country. These include Unlimited Carrier, GTS Transportation, HMD Trucking, Triton Logistics (currently involved in a $10 million lawsuit), State Express, and many more.

You can watch our video from our visit to Kaunas below.

Number five goes to Pakistan. Pakistan is a relatively unknown hub for outsourcing jobs in the freight industry. We have received some information suggesting that there are many scammers operating from Pakistan. Although we don't have enough data to analyze the extent of fraudulent activity, we do know that legitimate operations exist. One example is Sage Freight, a Tennessee-based freight brokerage with an office in the South Asian country.

We wrote an article about outsourcing in Pakistan two years ago, which you can read below.

Lahore, Pakistan: A New Logistics Outsourcing Hub
Before last month, I had never heard of any company specifically outsourcing American logistics jobs to Pakistan. Suddenly, that changed, and I became pretty curious about the subject.

I am surprised that Serbia didn't make the list. Perhaps it's because many people in the country are now using VPNs to access DAT, as it seems that DAT banned Serbian IP addresses back in March. We visited the Balkan nation around that time and have a documentary coming soon about our trip there. In the meantime, you can watch this interview we did with Aleks Bates, a Canadian-Serbian who now lives in Serbia and brokers freight for the US market.

Just in case you didn't want to read all of the above and just want to know the top 5 list, here it is:

  1. United States
  2. Macedonia
  3. Moldova
  4. Lithuania
  5. Pakistan

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