Surprise: Sulfur-Emitting Cargo Ships Fight Climate Change

Sulfur clouds from ships might've cooled oceans. But with recent UN regulations and rising temperatures, geoengineering's role is under the lens.

Surprise: Sulfur-Emitting Cargo Ships Fight Climate Change
Photo by Christian Lue / Unsplash

Sulfur-emitting cargo ships might have been our inadvertent geoengineering heroes in an unexpected twist to the climate change narrative. As these ships release sulfur clouds, they act like gigantic sunshades, reflecting sunlight and cooling ocean waters. But a 2020 UN regulation resulted in 80% less sulfur emission, which some scientists believe led to the recent spike in Atlantic's summer temperatures. While these reflective clouds seem promising, some experts warn against deliberate cloud creation due to unpredictable consequences. The debate over geoengineering continues, with the White House exploring the pros and cons of this approach. Meanwhile, private companies experiment with sun-reflecting technologies, with European Astrotech even successfully delivering sun-blocking aerosols to the stratosphere.

Source: Morning Brew

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