Metallica Europe Tour Goes Green

Metallica's European tour features Iveco's renewable-energy trucks run on renewable natural gas and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Metallica Europe Tour Goes Green
Image Source: Iveco Group

Metallica’s European tour is making waves not just for their music but for their green logistics. Partnering with European truck maker Iveco, Metallica is using sustainable fuels like natural gas and hydrogenated vegetable oil to power their journey. Here are the key details:

Image Source: The Wall Street Journal
  • Trucks: 10 heavy-duty trucks powered by renewable natural gas and 4 by biodiesel or hydrogenated vegetable oil.
  • Distance: Covering 7,200 miles across nine countries.
  • Performance: Each truck can travel about 1,000 miles between refuels.

Key Insights:

  • Fuel Efficiency: These fuels significantly cut emissions compared to regular diesel.
  • Infrastructure Gaps: Limited refueling stations mean relying on regular fuels at times.
  • Green Credentials: Metallica’s efforts highlight the potential and challenges of sustainable trucking.

Iveco's CEO, Gerrit Marx, noted the importance of this initiative: “Renewable natural gas and hydrogenated vegetable oil are more available and ready than batteries and hydrogen.”

By integrating renewable energy into their operations, Metallica is setting a new standard for eco-friendly tours.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal

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