Potential UPS Strike: What It Means For Consumers

A potential UPS strike threatens significant disruptions in US deliveries and e-commerce. Impacts include slower delivery times, supply chain issues, and raised shipping costs.

Potential UPS Strike: What It Means For Consumers
Image Source: People's Dispatch

A potential strike by UPS workers, the largest single-employer strike in US history, could significantly disrupt the nation's supply chain, affecting deliveries, retail trade, and e-commerce. Compared to the 1997 UPS strike, the impact is anticipated to be much greater due to the increased reliance on e-commerce, which now accounts for 15% of retail trade sales.

Major implications include slower delivery times, particularly for rural areas and smaller retailers, and disruptions in supply chains of several industries such as motor vehicles, healthcare, farming, and construction. Increased shipping costs are also likely as customers may turn to higher-priced alternatives or pay for expedited shipping.

Source: USA Today

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