Update: Trucker's Bold $8K Demand to TQL Ignites Debate

Gabriel Scott Riqueza's $8K demand from TQL triggers responses from Timothy Dooner, Shannon Guy, Reddit users, and Riqueza himself.

Update: Trucker's Bold $8K Demand to TQL Ignites Debate

In our initial story, we highlighted Gabriel Scott Riqueza's proactive steps to get his payment. After getting no response from TQL, he spray-painted his demand on his truck and drove straight to TQL's front door. The situation concluded with police intervention.

Since publishing, multiple new details have come out, including a full interview from Riqueza.

Trucker and owner, Gabriel Scott Riqueza takes to the Real Freight Talk podcast to explain his position.

The Rundown:

Dooner's Insight: Timothy Dooner posted that despite being paid on October 26th by his factoring company, Riqueza claimed he was unaware due to a miscommunication.

Industry Reaction:

Shannon Guy of GetaCDLjobtoday.com expressed her criticism, highlighting that the system, though imperfect, is doable and pointing out that Gabriel had already been paid two weeks before his protest.

"I will never support a carrier throwing a fit with his equipment... BTW Gabriel had already been paid 2 weeks before he threw his hissy fit with his truck yesterday... Imagine that," she wrote.

Reddit users debated on the trucker's actions and his business credentials, claiming he operates under multiple MCs. Gabriel Scott Riqueza himself responded to the critics, sharing more details about his motives and emphasizing his legitimacy. He says despite being eventually paid, it should have never gotten to this point.

Riqueza Responds:

byu/bravuralax from discussion

Whose side are you on? Leave a comment below.

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