Trucker Spray-Paints $8K Demand, Pulls Up to TQL HQ

Trucker Gabriel Scott Riqueza spray-paints his demand on his truck, then faces TQL head-on.

Trucker Spray-Paints $8K Demand, Pulls Up to TQL HQ

In an audacious act, a trucker named Gabriel Scott Riqueza pulled up in front of TQL's headquarters. Why? To demand the $8,000 he claims they owe him. Here's the lowdown:

Gabriel posted about his plans in advance and claims it isn't the first time he's done something like this.

The Backstory: Gabriel had been trying to get his payment from TQL for a while, when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

President of the National Owner Operators Association tweeted more details on the story, saying, "He contacted TQL this morning and they were very disrespectful to him and slammed the phone on him. Unfortunately for them he was in Ohio at the time."

Artistic Protest: Gabriel took a can of black spray paint and boldly wrote "TQL, PAY ME MY $8,000" on the side of his truck's trailer.

Grand Entrance: With his message clear, he drove straight up to TQL's front door. Reportedly, some TQL employees even gave him a thumbs-up and cheered him on.

He even had his little dog in tow.

Outcome: Sadly, his bold move was met with police intervention, and he had to leave without his money. But he's made his point loud and clear.

Next Move?: With memes circulating freight circles on social media, a tweet from @lostisreed predicts the trucker's next move:

"Damn, that driver is really hitting TQL from every angle."

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