UPS and Teamsters Strike Tentative Five-Year Contract Deal

UPS, Teamsters reach a tentative deal on a five-year contract, averting potential nationwide strike.

UPS and Teamsters Strike Tentative Five-Year Contract Deal
Image Source: Teamsters/Twitter

UPS Inc. and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have tentatively agreed on a five-year contract, covering over 340,000 workers, preventing a possible nationwide strike. UPS CEO, Carol Tomé, dubbed it a "win-win-win" agreement. Key elements of the deal include a pay raise for full- and part-time workers of $2.75 per hour in 2023 and a total of $7.50 more per hour over the contract's length. Part-timers' pay will rise to at least $21 per hour immediately. Furthermore, the contract abolishes the two-tier wage system and adds 7,500 new full-time union jobs, while filling 22,500 open positions. Other perks include in-cab air conditioning for all large vehicles and Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a full holiday.

Source: Transport Topics

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