UPS Pilots Refuse to Cross Picket Lines

UPS pilots pledge solidarity with Teamsters, promising to halt flights if a strike occurs. The move puts UPS's labor costs and customer relationships at risk.

UPS Pilots Refuse to Cross Picket Lines
Photo by Lukas Souza / Unsplash

The Independent Pilots Association (IPA), representing UPS pilots, has announced they will not cross picket lines if the Teamsters union members strike once the current contract expires on August 1. A strike by 340,000 Teamsters workers could effectively shut down UPS Airlines operations as few personnel would be available to load and unload aircraft or process packages. Despite the possibility of UPS employing a skeleton crew to maintain international and overnight flights, industry analysts predict substantial losses if a strike occurs, with a notable impact on customers and the company's future operations.

Source: FreightWaves

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