USPS Data Show Which Cities People Are Moving To and From

USPS Data Show Which Cities People Are Moving To and From
Northbrook, Illinois Emerges as One of the Preferred Relocation Destinations This Year, as Per US Postal Service Change-of-Address Data. elesi/Getty Images

US Postal Service data has revealed interesting patterns about people migrating from larger US cities to smaller ones during the first five months of 2023. Major metropolises such as Miami, Houston, and Austin have witnessed an outflow of residents, while smaller areas on the outskirts are attracting a growing number of inhabitants. Factors driving this shift include affordable housing and the rise of remote work that enables people to live further from city centers.

Top Cities People Are Leaving

  • Houston, Texas (Net migration: -8,369)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Net migration: -7,843)
  • Los Angeles, California (Net migration: -7,637)
  • New York, New York (Net migration: -7,592)
  • Austin, Texas (Net migration: -7,175)
  • Miami, Florida (Net migration: -5,792)
  • Dallas, Texas (Net migration: -5,629)

Top Cities People Are Moving To

  • Katy, Texas (Net migration: 1,284)
  • Northbrook, Illinois (Net migration: 1,151)
  • Sanford, North Carolina (Net migration: 1,126)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (Net migration: 1,103)
  • Green Cove Springs, Florida (Net migration: 1,095)
  • St. Cloud, Florida (Net migration: 1,014)
  • Henderson, Nevada (Net migration: 1,013)

Source: Business Insider

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