Waymo Refocuses on Ride-Hailing Over Self-Driving Trucks

Waymo pivots from self-driving trucks to ride-hailing, allocating more resources to this sector due to promising commercial opportunities.

Waymo Refocuses on Ride-Hailing Over Self-Driving Trucks
Image Source: Waymo

Waymo is hitting the brakes on self-driving trucks, deciding to invest its resources in ride-hailing instead. Six years after testing its autonomous vehicle system in Class 8 trucks, the company is refocusing its efforts due to the commercial opportunities in the ride-hailing sector. While many AV developers had pivoted to logistics and delivery, considering them safer bets, Waymo is choosing to double down on ride-hailing. Despite the change in strategy, Waymo maintains its commitment to apply its autonomous vehicle system to trucking in the future.

Source: TechCrunch

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