When were the world's oldest logistics companies founded?

When were the world's oldest logistics companies founded?

530–590 BCE: Cyrus the Great, the leader of the Persian Empire, established the world's first civilized postal service called "Chapar Khaneh".

1–20 CE: The Roman Empire established a similar system as the Persians had led by Emperor Augustus.

The World's Oldest Private Transportation Company Was Founded
In 1474-1484:
in Milan Italy, operating between Milan and Lindau Germany, about 350 kilometers apart. It's still in operation today with a turnover of 3 billion euros and 8,000 employees. It operates in around 180 countries.
The company's name (drumroll) Gebrüder Weiss.

Who else made the list of the oldest logistics companies?

  • Shore Porters Society (Scotland 1498)
  • CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A. (1520)
  • Poczta Polska (1558)
  • PostNord (Denmark 1624, Sweden 1636)
  • Posti Group (Finland 1638)
  • USPS (1775)

In no particular order, noteworthy companies:

  • DFDS (1866)
  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (1871)
  • DB Schenker (1872)
  • Kuehne Nagel (1890)
  • Maersk (1904)
  • UPS (1907)
  • DSV (1976)
  • Amazon (1994)

Did you recognize all the companies?
What company should be on the list?

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