Cramer Dubs XPO Logistics King of the Road

Is Cramer's prediction a green light or a warning sign on the highway to investing?

Cramer Dubs XPO Logistics King of the Road

Jim Cramer, the stock market's equivalent of a weatherman with a broken barometer, has proclaimed a 'new king' in trucking: XPO Logistics, after Morgan Stanley upped its price target to $65. XPO's stock, in a move that seems to be side-eyeing Cramer’s prediction, was trading down around 1% at about $72.80.

Cramer has also heralded a potential "golden age" for natural gas, prompting a nationwide sigh of investors remembering his knack for often being as accurate as a dart-throwing monkey. If Cramer is the soothsayer of Wall Street, XPO might be sweating like a long-haul trucker without air conditioning right about now. And while Cramer has been partial to Old Dominion (ODFL), it seems his affections are as changeable as gas prices.

Source: CNBC

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