10 Roads Trucking Layoffs Hit 66 Workers

Trucking company 10 Roads Express lays off 66 employees in Fort Worth, Texas, due to postal contract cancellations.

10 Roads Trucking Layoffs Hit 66 Workers
Image Source: 10 Roads Express / Instagram

Trucking company 10 Roads Express recently faced a significant shake-up, laying off 66 workers at their Fort Worth, Texas facility. This move, driven by the cancellation of postal contracts, impacts a substantial portion of their workforce, including 55 truck drivers, four dispatchers, and seven mechanics. The decision, first announced in October, is another indicator of capacity contraction in the freight market.

Key Points:

  • Affected Roles: The layoffs predominantly affected truck drivers, alongside dispatchers and mechanics.
  • Reason: Cancellation of postal contracts cited as the primary cause.

The layoffs at 10 Roads Express signify a larger trend in the trucking industry, where companies often have to adjust their workforce based on the fluctuating demands of contracts and the broader economic environment. This particular instance underscores the dependency of trucking firms on stable contracts for sustained employment.

Source: FreightWaves

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