$400,000 Tequila Heist

Thieves hijack a shipment of 19,000 bottles of tequila worth nearly $400,000, disrupting a US distributor's plans for a new tequila line launch.

$400,000 Tequila Heist
Image Source: StarNews

Cargo thieves stole 19,000 bottles of Hacienda Chactun Tequila, valued at almost $400,000, from Daytoon Distributors. The shipment, Daytoon's first of its new tequila line from Jalisco, Mexico, was hijacked en route to North Carolina after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border around December 21.

Fake Shipment Scam: The Wilmington-based company discovered the deception when the logistics updates and the truck driver were revealed as fictional. Authorities believe the shipment is now in California.

Company Response: Despite the setback, Daytoon, a veteran-owned business, is exploring alternative distribution channels to ensure their January launch. They plan to release both a reposado, aged for one year, and a blanco, unaged variety.

Founders and Future Plans: Founded in 2019 by Mark Bloomquist, Brooke Bloomquist, and Mark Milliken, Daytoon also operates Blue Shark Vodka. They are determined to move forward, aiming to meet demand for their blanco and reposado tequilas by February.

Source: FreightWaves

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