5 Winning Countries of US-China Trade Tensions

These five countries are boosting manufacturing and receiving greater investments amid US-China supply chain shifts.

5 Winning Countries of US-China Trade Tensions
Image Source: Bloomberg Economics

Based on Bloomberg Economics' data dive, here are the 5 countries benefiting most from the US-China supply chain shifts.

  1. Vietnam: Electronics manufacturing shift from China to Vietnam has seen exports to the US surge by 174% since 2017.
  2. Poland: With a strong foothold in Europe’s auto industry, Poland's battery production ranks second globally, with greenfield investment up 11%.
  3. Mexico: Overtook China as the top US goods exporter, with Chinese investment in Mexico jumping nearly 50% in 2022.
  4. Morocco: A burgeoning auto sector supported by rich phosphate reserves, Morocco witnessed a 290% rise in greenfield investment.
  5. Indonesia: A strategic player in the EV supply chain, Indonesia's exports to the US have increased by 71% since 2017.

Note: Greenfield investment refers to a form of foreign direct investment (FDI) where a parent company builds its operations in a foreign country from the ground up. In contrast to brownfield investments, where a company purchases or leases existing facilities to begin new operations, a greenfield investment involves the construction of new factories, the establishment of new production lines, and the creation of new distribution networks.

Source: Bloomberg

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