ArcBest Rolls Out Autonomous Forklifts

ArcBest unveils Vaux Smart Autonomy marrying autonomous mobile robot (AMR) forklifts and reach trucks with some seriously smart software and remote control capabilities.

ArcBest Rolls Out Autonomous Forklifts
Image Source: ArcBest/X

In an innovative leap forward for warehouse and supply chain management, ArcBest has introduced its latest technological advancement: Vaux Smart Autonomy™. The system integrates autonomous mobile robot (AMR) forklifts and reach trucks with sophisticated software and remote operation capabilities.

A Peek Into the Tech:

  • Vaux Smart Autonomy™: This system is an extension of the Vaux Freight Movement System, revolutionizing traditional warehouse operations by enabling trailers to be unloaded in seconds. It combines intelligent software with tele-operations capabilities, allowing for remote management.
  • Innovative Unloading Process: Using a removable platform on the trailer's floor, the system allows for the simultaneous unloading of freight by multiple forklifts, bypassing the conventional queue for unloading.
Image Source: ArcBest/X

Flexibility and Efficiency:

The Vaux system showcases its flexibility by allowing operators to control the forklifts and reach trucks either on-site manually, remotely, or through autonomous operations. Feedback from early adopters paints a picture of a technology that's as easy to integrate into existing operations as it is beneficial, making it a hit among retailers and manufacturers, including those in the automotive industry.

Tech Specs:

  • The Vaux 5K Counterbalance Forklift: It can carry up to 5,000 pounds, zoom around at 7.4 mph, and reach up to 23 feet high—all while needing just a bit more than a limbo stick's worth of aisle space (12.5 feet).
  • The Space-Saving Narrow Aisle Reach Truck: Perfect for those tighter spots, with a lifting capacity of up to 4,500 pounds, a top speed of 7.5 mph, and a towering reach of up to 40 feet, all in a cozy 9.5 feet of aisle space.

Source: Supply Chain Dive | ArcBest

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