Adriana Pulley

Hi! I'm Adriana and I've been working for FreightCaviar as Head Writer for a little over a year now. Some of my favorite topics to cover are FreightTech, Green Freight, and nearshoring/reshoring.

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Jerome Washington

I’m Jerome and I’ve recently started working for FreightCaviar! I’m into the politics of freight and the impact it will have in the future worldwide. I strive to uncover more on this topic.

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Andy Tomka


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Cameron B. Ritter

Writer. Former Freight Broker. Author of “Middlemen: Brokers, Truckers, & the Supply Chain Swamp”. (Seeking agent representation.)

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Tom Croteau, OperFi

Tom Croteau is the founder and CEO of OperFi, specializing in Factoring for Carriers and Freight Brokers, offering training, expertise, and working capital to keep your business on the road.

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