🎣 C.H. Robinson Did What?

Did C.H. Robinson just cut 50% of its sales team? Plus, discover the top five countries driving US load board traffic, learn about the $200M proposal for truck parking, and more.

🎣 C.H. Robinson Did What?

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  • What's Cookin' in Freight: Top 5 Countries for US Load Board Traffic, $200M Proposed for Truck Parking Crisis, & Hurricane Beryl Update.
  • Main Story: C.H. Robinson Slashes 50% of Sales Team
  • Around the Freight Web: 288 fewer freight brokerages in operation, new Supreme Court's ruling empowers freight carriers to challenge federal regulations, and more.
Question of the Day: After the US, which country has the most traffic to DAT, Truckstop, and 123 Loadboard? Find out below.

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