Cam Newton the Freight Broker

Cam Newton's New Play: Freight Brokerage. The former MVP quarterback discusses his ventures in the trillion-dollar freight industry, calling it "recession-proof."

Cam Newton the Freight Broker
Cam Newton with Project44 Exec at the Retail Industry Leaders Association Conference earlier this year.

Cam Newton, former NFL star and current entrepreneur, is diving into the world of freight brokerage. In a recent interview with VSG Entertainment, Newton shared his insights on why he chose this industry and how he's navigating it.

Why Freight Brokerage?

  • Newton describes the logistics industry as “recession-proof” and highlights its immense scale.
  • He points to brokerage giant CH Robinson, with $24.7 billion in annual revenue in 2022, as an example of the industry’s potential.

Key Stats

  • Trillion-Dollar Industry: The North American logistics market surpassed $2 trillion in 2020.
  • Diverse Operations: Newton breaks down how logistics isn’t just about trucking; it includes warehousing, intermodal operations, and more.

Newton’s Strategy

Newton emphasizes the role of brokers in facilitating the seamless movement of goods. “As a broker, you get a percentage off every single thing in transportation,” he explains. This middleman role is crucial in connecting brands with trucking companies and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Newton’s entry into freight brokerage highlights the industry's opportunities and resilience. He is committed to educating others about logistics, which could inspire more people to explore this sector that isn't well-known in broader circles.

Web page for The Cardinal Way, Cam Newton's logistics company with partner Jeremy Hill.

Community Reactions

Comments on social media varied, with some skeptical of the "recession-proof" claim.

Newton at Industry Conferences

Reflecting on his journey, Newton shared on LinkedIn, "I saw, and I conquered my first-ever work conference! Last week, my business partner (Jeremy Hill) and I had an opportunity to go to our very first R.I.L.A. conference as a representation of The Cardinal Way! This trip was well worth the experience!"

Sources: The Urban Economist/Medium

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