The Cargo Theft Dream Team

The Cargo Theft Dream Team

There has been an unprecedented rise in cargo theft.

These thieves are professional and are running operations that are taking the industry by storm.

I've watched many heist movies, here is what a cargo theft dream would look like.

  1. The Driver: Frank Martin (Jason Statham) from the The Transporter:

In The Transporter, Martin has 3 rules:

  1. Never change the deal.
  2. No names.
  3. Never open the package.

Martin is an ideal driver. Cool, calm, and collected. He can work his way around a rig and evade law enforcement in a hot pursuit.

Throw on a hat and flannel the shipper would never expect this ordinary driver to be a master thief.

  1. Dock Workers: Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) and James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) from The Town:

Doug MacRay and James Coughlin are hard-nosed, blue-collar thieves from Boston. Both these men aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and get into direct confrontation with law enforcement.

In their thick Boston accents, they would be directing the driver into the dock while yapping about last night's Red Sox game as they wheeled the stolen pallets off.

  1. Warehouse Supervisor: Charlie Croker (Mark Walberg) from The Italian Job:

Charlie Crocker is a flawless thief and was able to plan the gold heist in Venice down to a tee.

Crocker would quickly coordinate the movement of 3 pallets of electronics. He would sell them at a premium long before they were reported missing.

Crocker is a highly organized thief who could keep the warehouse operating as legit long before anyone could sniff that there was some sort of fraud.

  1. Dispatch: Danny Ocean (George Clooney) from Ocean's 11.

The brains behind the operation.

Danny Ocean's smooth voice comes over the phone providing you with a legit MC # and DOT#. It would even fool Cassandra Gaines.

You would never suspect he would be setting you up to steal your load. He is methodical and knows how to trick young brokers who are racing on caffeine and nicotine.

He takes the load at a great rate and promises more business in the future. Brokers are eager to work with him again before he takes off with their product never to be heard from again.

What other characters would be a great cargo theft dream team?

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