🎣 CDL Fraud

Mykola Datkun, a 33-year-old trucking company owner from Port Barrington, Illinois, is at the center of a cheating operation aimed at getting around the CDL testing process.

🎣 CDL Fraud

Happy National Pistachio Day. We're bringing you a nutty case of a CDL cheating scam, the latest in a long history of widespread CDL fraud. Plus, Walmart's intermodal deal with J.B. Hunt, the largest-ever meth bust at a U.S. entry point, and the takedown of a massive retail theft ring.

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  • Three Freight Headlines: Landmark Walmart-J.B. Hunt deal, a record drug seizure at Eagle Pass, and a $1.5M theft ring bust.
  • CDL Fraud Across the Nation
  • Around the Freight Web: The toughest week in freight, a $9.5M Jones Act settlement, and UPS expects big payoff from workforce reductions.
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