Convoy Downsizing Amid Leadership Change

Digital freight platform Convoy reduces staff and witnesses co-founder Grant Goodale's resignation, as the company adjusts to industry shifts.

Convoy Downsizing Amid Leadership Change
Photo Source: TechCrunch

Convoy Reduces Staff

Seattle-based digital freight platform, Convoy, announced staff reductions within its customer experience operations team. Although specific numbers were not disclosed, Convoy attributes the cuts to their variable staffing model which adjusts according to seasonal and economic shifts.

Previous Restructuring

The staffing cuts follow Convoy's restructuring in February, which also led to layoffs and the closure of its Atlanta location. Many FreightTech companies have seen similar changes since Q4 of 2022, including Amazon, Uber Freight, and GXO Logistics.

Leadership Transition at Convoy

The staffing news comes shortly after Convoy's co-founder, Grant Goodale, declared his departure as chief experience officer. While Goodale is stepping down from his role, he will remain involved with Convoy as a board member and adviser.

Goodale's Future Plans and Advice

While Goodale expressed his intentions to take personal time, he remains fascinated by the supply chain ecosystem. His advice to the FreightTech community encourages greater interaction with carriers, emphasizing the need for understanding the diverse experiences and challenges of drivers.

Source: FreightWaves

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